Tiny Shelter Albufeira

Tiny Shelter Albufeira
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Welcome dear animal lovers.
This is the “Associação Tiny Shelter”, i.e. the small, donation-based animal shelter run by Isabel Searle near Albufeira in the Portuguese Algarve.

Isabel has stood for sustainable animal welfare with her volunteers for decades and fights tirelessly to improve the situation of as many animals as possible in Portugal. Sometimes it seems like a drop in the bucket, but a steady drop wears away the stone. We are convinced that only by working on the ground can the dogs be helped in the long term. Even after many years of animal welfare work, there is still a lot to do, countless furry noses still find their way to the shelter, which is financed purely by donations. The Tiny Shelter welcomes anyone who wants to help bring a little relief to Isabel and the dogs through donations of any kind.

+351 962 456 854
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