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We are South Africans getting together for Social Events to share our common heritage.

This is my guide to using Hashtags;When Instagram officially gave its recommendations for using hashtags, it suggested using 3-5 hashtags. They confirmed there is no benefit to using any more than that.Hashtags can be a powerful tool to increase engagement and drive brand awareness on social media. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use hashtags effectively:1. Choose the Right Hashtags • Research popular and relevant hashtags in your niche or industry. • Repeat your hashtags • Use a mix of general and specific hashtags to reach a wider audience. - Very Important! (1 General – 2 Specific) • Absolutely avoid using too many hashtags (3-5 is a good number). Don’t overdo it - you don’t want your post to look like a wall of hashtags, you want to let your copy shine. • Do not use specific hashtags that belong to your competition.2. Use Hashtags Consistently • Use the same hashtags consistently across all your social media platforms. • Create a unique hashtag for your brand and use it consistently. • Use Specific hashtags relating to a Specific Campaign in conjunction with your Brand’s hashtags. • Use hashtags in your captions, not in the comments.3. Keep it Simple and Clear • Use simple and clear language when creating hashtags. • If your target demographic is English, then write in English only. • Avoid using acronyms or abbreviations unless they are widely recognized. • Use hashtags that are easy to spell and remember.4. Avoid Random Hashtags (eg. #fun #weekend #summetime etc.) • Do not use unrelated or obscure hashtags that only relate to your material remotely. • Branded hashtags create awareness while random hashtags dilute the effectiveness of your campaign. • Very popular hashtags with very high post-counts (eg. 5k +) has little value to a new or short-lived campaign. • Be more specific and select an audience that you wish to target, rather than to get a greater viewer numbers from an audience that will never become your client.5. Use Hashtags in Your Captions (On posts and pictures...) • Include hashtags in your captions, not in the comments. • Use hashtags at the end of your caption, not at the beginning. • Use a consistent format for your hashtags (e.g., #hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3).6. Use Hashtags in Your Stories • Use hashtags in your Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. • Use hashtags in your Instagram and Facebook Watch videos. • Use hashtags in your Twitter threads.7. Create a Hashtag Campaign repeating the same hashtags. • Create a hashtag campaign for a specific event or promotion. • Promote your hashtag campaign across all your social media platforms. • Encourage your followers to use the hashtag and share their own content.By following these steps above, you can effectively use hashtags to increase engagement, drive brand awareness, and grow your social media presence.Who should use Hashtags and are they even really effective?Hashtags can be useful for smaller accounts that are looking to grow. They can be more of a burden after an account has an established / engaged following.If your following is still early in its growth phase, using hashtags may give you some benefit - assuming you found the most suitable hashtags.It takes time to make a hashtag relevant, so choose well and persist with the use of the Brand hashtags combined with the hashtags that most clearly defines you or your product.In conclusion;When you click on a hashtag, you will see the total number of posts. Some have millions. These, for example, are much more popular hashtags. They are more active, but the cost to you should you use it, would be a decrease in the likelihood that someone would ever find it organically. This is especially true these days, since each “hashtag page” only has options to view top posts, and recent top posts. As a user, you now need to scroll down to see anything that is truly recent. • The only benefit of hashtags comes from using them to promote a new brand / product / campaign that does not have traction or on-line relevance. • The hashtags only serve to create a global shortcut or link to your content from your own posts / marketing that is directly linked to you / your product. • Hashtags are essentially useless if you are trying to create relevance in a saturated market. • Organic marketing is far more effective in creating a presence as well as relevant content with a strong marketing strategy and representative information. Content is still king!Example:The business: Bobs Muscles Gym situated in New YorkNow we will have a look at the hashtags that you could use…#gym - 281,419,352 posts - Completely useless!#bodybuilding - 143,949,630 posts – Would make sense, but NO!#bobs - 800,201 posts – Smaller, but still useless.#muscles - 20,675,117 posts – Also Useless.#newyork - 131,843,138 posts – WOW!#bobsmuscles - 5 posts – Now this looks a lot better!#bobs_muscles_gym_newyork – 0 posts – This is the one that will work! It’s your job to create the interest in the hashtag and then using it consistently, clients will recognise the brand. Using the hashtags like #gym #bobs # muscles # newyork will also list your content, but nobody will find you there…However, Using #bobs_muscles_gym_newyork will list you in 5 of those hashtags listed here anyway, using only one hashtag! So why waste your time using anything but #bobs_muscles_gym_newyork …?What did we learn? One clever hashtag just did the job of 5 individual hashtags that did nothing but dilute your efforts!#fun - 447,662,139 posts - Come on, Get Real! 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less
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Its that time of Year FolksThe Vilamoura Marina Boat Show is ON from Saturday 8th June - Sunday 16th June 2024.It's FREE of Charge to attend and it's on the actual Marina .All the information below in the Link - Select English or Portuguese Languagevilamouraboatshow.fil.ptLocation: Vilamoura Marina, Loule, Algarve. ... See MoreSee Less
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