Meet Friends & Family around the Braai.

Come and stand by the Braai Fire and “Kuier Lekker”

Almost everyone loves a good barbecue, but South Africans take the classic BBQ to a whole new level with the Braai. More than just a barbecue, the braai is practically a national sport. South Africans absolutely adore a braai and for them, the weekend usually means one thing: the aroma of grilling meats wafting from backyards across the country, while friends and family gather together for a good time. Ready to get your braai on?

You show up, we do the work …

This is the perfect time to join your Friends & Family at the Braai Fire…
Sunday the 26th of May at 10am in Vale Judeu, Algarve, we start the fires and we will be serving up Boerrie Rolls, Braai plates and more on the fire.

We have a large Variety but limited Quantities so get yours before you Favourites are gone …

See the Great Menu we have waiting for you, including Vegetarian Options …


Howzit 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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