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South African traditional lemon Fridge Tart (Yskas Tert)
"No bake, no crust, fast and easy" Fridge Tart is an old SA favorite that many of us grew up with. It keeps for quite a while in the fridge under a lid or 'cling film' but normally will not go too long before it's all gone!
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These old-school tartlets date back to the 1920’s when supporters of the then South African Prime Minister and Boer War General J. B. M. Hertzog, better known as Barry to his mates, invented the Hertzoggie cookie.
With their fluffy pastry bases, pop of apricot jam and the chewy crunch of coconutty meringue, the Hertzoggies recipe to follow is as much about texture as taste.
Makes 12-15 depending on the size of the tartlets.
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Credit - Aleney de Winter

Banana Fritters
One Pan Banana Fritters rolled in Sugar & Choc Drizzle
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This two-ingredient orange sherbet comes out refreshing, delicious, and the perfect treat on hot days.
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Peri-peri Chicken
Winning Recipe for Peri-peri Chicken served with a salad and sweet potatoes
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Tomato Oxtail Potjie
What is potjiekos?
Potjie is not a stew. A “potjiekos” (meaning “small pot food”) is a meal cooked in a cast-iron pot known as a “potjie” (pronounced “poi-kee”), but most South Africans refer to the dish itself as a potjie too. It usually consists of meat and veg and is prepared outdoors and cooked slowly over an open fire.
The number one rule of cooking with a potjie pot is: DO NOT STIR THE POT. As a result of this method, all the ingredients cook perfectly, but are not overly tainted by each other, so you experience different flavours and textures with each mouthful. You should also be able to visually identify all the ingredients, which is often not the case with a stew. This, together with the unique smoky flavour only achieved from cooking over a flame, is what makes potjie really special. 
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This all-time SA favorite with a slight twist. Hot baked Pudding with sauce.
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South African curry mince
Curry Mince & Rice with yellow rice or white rice. This is a typical meal to eat while watching Rugby!
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Traditional bobotie
Bobotie is a delicious fusion of the Dutch and Malay culinary influences from the mid-1600s. It's a spicy, slightly sweet mince dish with an eggy custard topping.
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Traditional Pap & Bredie
This classic South African dish is a popular braai side, served with rich tomato relish (known as sheba) and grilled meat. Pap or mielie meal, is a grain very similar to polenta, but white in color. Cooked for a long time, it becomes "stiff" and perfect for mopping up meat juices.
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Grill the Perfect Steak
Grilling steak can be intimidating—especially when everyone has a different opinion about how cooked it should be (medium rare!). But I promise you that, in reality, it's easier and faster than grilling chicken. Below is our basic guide for how to grill steak. Follow our rules and cooking times, and you'll be a grill boss in no time.
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Waffles with Malva Sauce
 Tasty Waffles with Malva Sauce for Breakfast or Dessert.
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No Bake Milk Tart (Melktert)
There are two ways to make Melktert; THIS IS NO BAKE MILK TART.
Milk Tart or as the Afrikaans call it Melktert is a creamy milky tart. A little reminiscent of custard pie but more delicate, with a lighter texture and a strong milk presence. Don’t wait for this pie to firm up – it just doesn’t, more of a pudding with a crust.
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Best Chocolate Cake
The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe – A one bowl chocolate cake recipe that is quick, easy, and delicious! Updated with gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options!
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Perfect Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Perfect Chocolate Buttercream Frosting is an essential when it comes to birthday cakes and other celebrations. Get this family favorite, perfect chocolate buttercream frosting recipe.
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Banoffee Pie
Life before banoffee pie seems prehistoric as it is such a loved dessert! I have made it as a salted caramel banoffee (add a teaspoon of sea salt), though I prefer the classic version. Full of calories and no apologies!
by Mary Berry
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Do you know the difference between a koeksister and a traditional Cape Malay koesister? 
While a koeksister is plaited and deep fried for a crispy outside, the koesister is softer and made with cinnamon, traditional mixed spices, and aniseed.
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A Koesister is Cape Malay fermented, spiced, sweet dough that is fried in oil and then rolled in syrup and desiccated coconut. (NOT A KOEKSISTER!)
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Its time to Fire up the Braai and Enjoy this delicious Butterflied Lamb with Rosemary and Pepperdew
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A Nice & Easy Recipe that delivers a very Classic floavour. Ideal and Classy dessert that puts the final touch on a hosted meal.
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Delicious traditional dessert with a slight difference...
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