See Tillerman at the Scatterlings Club

Searching for the Sugarman is Dedication to Rodriguez from the album “Cold fact”

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Tillerman & Nicole present a very Authentic Show about “The Album; Searching for the Sugarman”
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Tillerman is a Guitarist/Vocalist from South Africa and he started his musical career at a young age as a Drummer, playing bass for various Reggae groups and pursued a solo career for a few years. Now he shares the Stage with Nicole Lossin, Rhythm Guitarist and backing vocalist who started her career as a classical guitarist in Germany. Currently, Nicole is not a Solo act.

Tillerman practices his Art in many genres, from Rock to Folk, Reggae and current tracks.

The Dynamic Duo are playing across Europe, performing in pubs and bars, at special events or theme nights. They rocked up to 5000 people at many concerts.

Currently the Duo is based in the Algarve, Portugal.

You will have to chance to see them Live as they perform at the Bring & Braai on the 24th of September right here at the Scatterlings Club

Their Genre is; Rock / Reggae, Pop, Rock´n´Roll, Blues / Accoustic

Tillerman & Nicole are Friends of the Scatterlings Club


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11 thoughts on “See Tillerman at the Scatterlings Club

    1. Hello Janine, you can buy your tickets via the details on his poster. “” and search for the ‘sugarman’ tickets. We will however ask Tillerman if he has tickets for sale to collect in person. We will publish the outcome asap. Otherwise, you can buy the tickets online via website.

    2. Hi Janine. Just in case you’re asking about seeing Tillerman on the 2nd of September at Scatterlings, that’s free. He is very kindly donating his time to the Club for National Braai Day.

      1. Hi guys
        My fellow SA friends and I are a little confused. Is Tillerman going to be at the final SA Twilight get together on 2nd September as well as the bring and braai on 24th September?

        1. Hi Janine. Our apologies, we did make a boo boo there… He was originally going to be with us for the 2nd of September but due to unforeseen circumstances, he couldn’t make that so he’s here for the bring & braai on the 24th. He’s performing on the 17th of September in Sao Bras in the museum, so you can buy tickets for that. At the Bring & Braai obviously, it’s free.

  1. Can we buy tickets at the door? Do we need to pre-book the Braai packs and will there be fires? Can we buy drinks during the show and will there be anything else to eat besides the Braai?

    1. I will attempt to find out for you… I’ll get back to you shortly. In the meantime, have a look at the links from the booking page.

  2. It’s great to find Tillerman again. I can’t wait to listen to him again. I watched him play in Albufeira years ago when he was solo. I cant wait to see them in Sao Bras.

  3. I heard Tillerman play for the first time in 2002 and always loved his style and charisma. Great voice and very good performer. I will meet all of you in Sao Bras on the 17th.

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