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The Scatterlings of Africa Club.
We are a group of South Africans living in the Algarve, Portugal. As we did back home, we still like to get together and have a Braai and a ‘Couple’ of drinks. We are always eager to meet new Folks to spend a bit of quality time.  We formed a Club with the desire to create  a “community” of like-minded, good humoured people that share a common past and immigrated to this Land.

What makes Southern Africans different?

An outsider would say that Southern Africans see things differently, are proud of their culture, have rhythm in their blood, and are soulful.  Most importantly we are united by our extraordinary history, our wonderful humour, warm memories of the marvels of Africa: our homeland.

We are African…first and foremost, but with French and Dutch Huguenots and British influences. We sometimes feel like we are in a ‘foreign land’, but the African in us is strong and we are proud of our heritage, our culture and our people. For so many different reasons we are scattered all over the planet, but Southern Africa is where our hearts are … always.

As we get together here in the Algarve region of Portugal to share and celebrate what makes us so special, we can refuel our souls and keep our fingers on the African pulse.

You are welcome to join Our Club, where we can rejoice in being Southern African.  Join Our Club here.

We are Gerard & Anthea

Gerard was born in South Africa in 1961. Born in Krugersdorp, he spent most of his working years in Johannesburg before moving to Portugal in 1999. Gerard loves a good Braai and loves nothing more than getting together over a Brandy & Coke & meat on the Braai. He loves to tinker in Motor Mechanics, Electrical Wiring, Electronics, Photography and  Motorbikes. Gerard loves to socialise and meet new people. He has 3 Children and is a Grandfather.

Anthea was born in England but her Mother comes from Johannesburg. Her Mum went to Jeppe Girls High School where she represented the school in cricket and tennis. Her Mum gave Anthea the love for education and her father gave her the love for Sports.  Anthea moved to Australia with her family when she was 3 1/2 years old and for the next 43 years she lived in Melbourne and surrounds. Once her children had grown up, Anthea embarked on travelling the world solo. Her first stop was to South Africa in 2010 to watch the Football World Cup (supporting the Socceroo’s), but also to visit her extensive family living in SA. Her connection was re-established instantly and she proudly proclaims that she’s a “Rooinek”. Anthea travelled extensively around SA during her 3 month visit: camping in the Kruger, Knysna, the Drakensbergs, CapeTown, PE, Durben and everywhere in between. She loves SA and would dearly love to go back to photograph all things ‘wild’.


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