Tannie Bettie se Kombuis

Aunty Bettie’s Kitchen is run by Bettie’s great niece Anthea

Having cooked and baked from the age of 9, Anthea lovingly prepares Typical and Traditional South African Baked goods & Desserts from her Great Aunt Bettie’s Cook Book. This old, frayed book, marked with buttery finger marks and occasional drips from the teaspoon, was passed down through the Generations, over 4 Continents, to end up here in Portugal, in Anthea’s hands. When her South African Mother passed the valuable book along to her after Anthea was married, it was put to good use. Let her take you on a Sweet or Savoury journey through South African History.

Anthea has been serving South African flavours for the Scatterlings Club for the last 2 years behind the BBQ and in the kitchen of the Club-House

Anthea was born in England and raised in Australia. Her love for Cooking and Baking was influenced by her South African Mother and her love of diverse cultural flavours and tastes. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia she was exposed to a Multi-Cultural Food Mecca that is celebrated for it’s diversity.


Anthea’s South African family ties ensures that she has a love for the Food from Cape Town to the Kruger National Park. Anthea’s Aunty Ingrid had a Bakery Shop in Cape Town and was famous for her Apple Pies and other Baked Goods. Step into the Kitchen and Anthea will serve you up some of her Favourites.


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